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Oldest Croatian second hand record store specialized in Ex-Yu rare/collectable vinyls &CDs

Second hand record store Roxy is the first store of that kind in
Croatia that opened in Zagreb in 1993. Now it carries about 20
000 LPs and singles, and abut 6 000 CDs, in the shop and store
room. All music genres are covered, especially Croatian and Ex-
Yugoslavian music from 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, so it
specialized in selling Ex-Yu rare and collectable items, mostly
LPs and singles covering genres from pop, rock,
progressive/alternative rock, new wave, jazz, funk, rare groove
to folk and etno, but also rare CDs. Except that, you can find a
lot of foreign records, mostly pop, rock, jazz, blues, metal,
punk, funk, soul, folk, also some hip hop, electronic and classical
music, from old to brand new releases. The stock grows every
day and there're always new items arriving, so the listings are
updated and changing constantly. Roxy sometimes gets its
hands on some great collections from well-known collectors in
the region, like for example some very fine jazz records, so
watch carefully.
If you're near, you can always visit the store in Zagreb at the
address Savska 34 and look for new arrivals or dig through the
whole collection. We are open on working days: Monday-Friday
11:00-19:00h and on Saturdays 09-14:00h.
If you have any questions or you're looking for some special
records, feel free to contact us and we'll give our best to find it
for you.

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Acoustic, Ethereal, Indie Rock, Neofolk (1)   Alternative Rock (23)   Alternative Rock, Experimental (1)   Alternative, Reggae (1)   Art Rock, Prog Rock (2)   
Avantgarde (1)   Avantgarde Jazz (1)   Avantgarde, Experimental (1)   Avantgarde, Funk, Parody (1)   Avantgarde, Parody (1)   
Beat, Ballad (1)   Beat, Chanson (1)   Beat, Chanson, Spiritual (1)   Beat, Rock'n'roll (1)   Black Metal (12)   
Black Metal, Death Metal (2)   Black Metal, Heavy Metal (1)   Black, Death Metal (1)   Black, Doom Metal (1)   Bluegrass (1)   
Blues (2)   Blues Rock (5)   Blues Rock, Pop Rock (2)   Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock (1)   Blues Rock, Rock & Roll, Folk Rock (1)   
Blues, Rock (1)   Bolero, Flamenco (1)   Chanson (2)   Chanson, Folk (2)   Chanson/folk (1)   
Chanson/schlager (7)   Children's, Rock (1)   Classic Rock (13)   Classic Rock, Fusion (1)   Classical (1)   
Classical, Experimental (1)   Classical, Rock (1)   Classical, Romantic (1)   Country, Ballad (1)   Death / Thrash Metal (1)   
Death Metal (10)   Death Metal / Thrash Metal (1)   Death Metal, Doom Metal (1)   Doom Metal (1)   Dub, Disco (1)   
Easy Listening (6)   Ebm, Electro (1)   Ebm, Industrial (3)   Electro, Synthpop (1)   Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, (1)   
Electronic, Funk (2)   Electronic, Hip Hop (6)   Electronic, Industrial (2)   Electronic, Italodance (1)   Electronic, Jazz (2)   
Electronic, Pop (4)   Electronic, Rock (2)   Electronic/industrial (1)   Euro House (1)   Euro House, Dance (3)   
Euro Pop (5)   Euro Pop, Euro House (1)   Eurodance (1)   Europop (37)   Europop, Ballad, Vocal (1)   
Europop, Dance (3)   Europop, Disco (1)   Folk (12)   Folk / Pop (1)   Folk Rock (12)   
Folk Rock, Ballad (2)   Folk Rock, Garage Rock (1)   Folk Rock, Indie Rock (1)   Folk Rock, Pop Rock (3)   Folk Rock, Prog Rock (1)   

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Courage Of LassieSing Or Die
Third Mind Records TMLP 55 Netherlands 1990 Nm/m a1 ami dans cette vie a2 who`ll stop the rain a3 bang bang my baby shot me down a4 lonely street a5 big town b1 sing or die b2 o...
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